June 15, 2017

The Elixir of Life – The Present Moment
Living healthy is a combination of many things. Yes, vegetables and fruits with antioxidants are important. And yes, sleeping 8 hours a night is awesome! Then of course there’s exercising on a regular basis, my favorites are daily walks and Zumba.  Beyond these key ingredients there’s something else, which is just as important but sometimes overlooked. It’s what makes everything else a success or failure.  What is it…. Our Mindset! 

Stressing out is not a healthy lifestyle. Rehashing the past and always hating the now because you would rather be in the future…not healthy. Wishing you had another job and just complaining but not doing anything about it…not healthy.  Forgetting that the most precious things you have are right in front of you and the ever lack of gratitude for life itself…well you guessed it, not a healthy place to be.

It’s always so rewarding when I’m at my workshops or with clients and they realize that it’s not just about the “food” but the acknowledgement for the food of life! The nutrients of combining a balance of needs and being present.

The elixir…. is being here and present in your life every day.  A few years ago, I was taking a stroll around my neighborhood and walked by a tree. I’d walked by this tree many times but this time I was more present than usual. As I walked by it, I smelled its wonderful scent. It was such an eye-opening experience. It had always been there but where was I?  The connection to everything around us is always there, it’s up to us to be present.

Taking a walk, eating dinner, speaking with someone, or just looking at a beautiful flower? Take note and be present. Look up to enjoy the view, see it, enjoy the fragrance that is there. See the smiles of those who are in your presence and are giving you the treasure of life – their presence…are you there to receive it?

Donna Stanziani, CIHC
LI Health Coach

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